A Note From Diane

Diane sitting on a turquoise bench

I grew up in a time when nothing much was complicated. Time seemed to stand still. I followed my mom around from place to place, watching her talk to clients, arrange furniture, hang art & fluff pillows on everyone’s couch. She was an interior designer and she loved fabric. When I discovered my first flea market, I soon saw & felt a lot of the same things I’d seen my mom do … I touched fabrics. That was the beginning. I soon was obsessed with collecting fabric.

My collection grew over the years & I found myself making all sorts of interesting pieces. I always wanted to have my own style. I never wanted to look like all the other women my age … I liked dressing different. I especially liked having pieces that no one else had. I soon developed a crazy love affair with vintage clothing. I loved the vintage, but some of the fabrics never felt quite as good as what was new. But, I loved the colors and the patterns of old.

It’s what has drawn me to designing new & vintage inspired clothing. It’s what’s drawn me to printing my own fabrics. There is something beyond the fabric and there is something very uncomplicated about the dresses. Old meets new … there’s something I can hold onto from the past. Something timeless. Something classic. The blank canvas is wide open … cottons, rayons, silks & the blends are woven so beautifully now. The drape and the flow can be luxurious & very feminine. Simple lines with beautiful fabric is what I hope to pass on through my own clothing line, d heart d.

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled around the world. I was a fashion stylist for print photographers and then produced TV Commercials for years. My exotic traveling has taken me to all parts of the globe. I’ve seen and touched fabric from so many places. I had no idea of all the possibilities.

After making dresses for myself & receiving mucho admiration, I decided to make a few extra & see what happened. Voila … I now have d heart d … Diane Loves Dresses! Every d heart d piece is made either here in America or with local artisans in India, who also help me with my textile printing. We are a small limited edition and very uncomplicated company. I want to resemble my early years. It’s my intention to create pieces that speak of quality and craftsmanship. Pieces that I hope you enjoy wearing as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

With love,
Diane Nelson